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How To Get Assistance For Study In Australia?

Study Australia
Author: osadmin | Posted on: 9 August 2017

Studying abroad is a dream of every student. However, only a few students can afford to fulfill their dream with the financial resources available to them. While the other students give up on their dream as they don’t have sufficient financial resources. But not anymore!

If you too are a student and want to study in Australia, and want to have study visa in Australia, we just got you covered! There is a range of financial aids, scholarships and student loans given by the international universities and home government that you can make use of.

If you wish to pursue your graduation and post-graduation courses from Australia, you can make use of financial assistance provided by the home government as well as the Australian universities.

How Much Money will You Need?

Before applying for any financial assistance and Australia student visa, it is important to have a rough estimate of your expenses. These might include traveling expenses, living expenses, studying expenses and others. You can get the general idea about your study expenses by contacting the particular college you are interested in.

Once you know the amount of money required, you can apply for a range of financial aids.

Financial aids for study in Australia

  • Scholarships

Scholarships are the best type of financial assistance provided by the institutions if you want to study in Australia. It is highly recommended to inquire whether the chosen institution provides students’ scholarships or not. If yes, then try to get one as it will help reduce your tuition fee burden.

  • Financial Assistance from Home Government

If you don’t qualify for students’ scholarships given by your chosen institution, then you can apply for financial aid from your home government which may help you fund your study abroad program. However, you need to inquire whether the concerned institution stands eligible for such financial aids as not all Australian institutions are eligible for it.

  • Student’s Loan

Apart from scholarships, you can also apply for student’s loan being provided by different financial institutions. While applying for a student’s loan, make sure that the chosen institution is eligible for it. Also carefully consider the cost, interest, and length of the loan so that you can manage it for a long term without any trouble and make sure you are an eligible citizen or non-citizen of the country.

  • Australian Development Scholarships

This is a great way of getting study visa in Australia. This scholarship is particularly for those students who have the required skills in the field of human development, governance and will provide assistance in the economic growth of their home country. The students of the underdeveloped countries are highly benefited from ADS as they can study full time in Australia in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • Australian Leadership Awards

These awards are specially designed for the students who are in the position to positively affect the social and economic conditions of their home country. ALAs are scholarships for post graduate students that allow the students to focus on their specializations. After the completion of their course, the students who are granted ALA are required to return to their home country for at least two years.

  • Combination of Different Financial Aids

You can also combine the above financial aids with Australia student visa according to your needs. For instance, along with scholarships and student’s loan, you can also do part time job which in return will help you pay off your loan, and along with that, you can gain job experience as well.

Avail the above-mentioned aids if you want to work and study in Australia. Got any queries related to study visa in Australia? Let us know in the comments.

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