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5 Common Study Visa Australia Questions

Study Visa
Author: osadmin | Posted on: 13 October 2017

Study Visa Programme

Australia Study Visa is one of the most sought after visa and many students especially from India apply for it to study and live in Australia. Australia Study Visa can be applied for if you have offer letter for admission to a course in a University or educational institution in Australia. After applying for an Australian study visa, your case will be assessed by a case officer based on the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) interview.

Common Questions for Study Visa Australia

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to Australia?

For this kind of question, you are being verified for the information provided in your visa application. Be very clear and straight forward. Don’t hide any relevant information. State clearly your purpose of visit. You can say that you intent to study in Australia.

  1. Why do you wish to study in Australia?

For this type of question, the officer wants to know why you selected Australia over other countries. You must be ready with a valid answer with logical reasons to select Australia. Be clear and confident while answering every question.

  1. Are you planning to live in Australia once your course gets over?

This type of question is generally asked to find out your real intention in visiting Australia. You should give valid and strong reasons to support that you will return to your country once your course gets over.

  1. Why have you picked an Australian college or university? Why couldn’t you do the course from your country?

Answer this type of question with the reasons which motivated you to choose Australia as a place to pursue your studies.

  1. How will this course benefit you?

You must answer such question by stating the right reasons for selecting this course. The officer wants to know if you have proper clarity about the course you are going to pursue.

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