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Students Visa Process & Cost in Australia

The Student Visa in Australia, also known as the subclass 500 Visa and provides international students both offshore and onshore, with the right to study in Australia for a period of time and to work casually for up to (40 hours fortnightly during the course and full-time basis during academic breaks) while completing their studies.

Australia students visa cost

The Student Visa for Australia costs $560 for the application. Also the student will have to cover the tuition fees plus medical insurance and ticket flight. Student Visa’s in Australia are regulated by the immigration department which is the government department in charge of assessing every single student visa application Australia receives through-out the year. Many factors are taken into consideration at the time of assessing a student visa for Australia which will deem a student’s suitability to study in Australia. Some of these factors include how genuine the potential student’s application is for their reasons for wanting to come to study in Australia on a student visa instead of completing their studies at their home country.

At OzTrip Services our mission is, not only to make the visa process easy and headache free, but also to minimize the risk of getting any student visa rejected by the Australian Immigration Department and assisting the student in every step of the way through their Australian student visa process.

At OzTrip Services we will use all our resources towards ensuring that the student chooses the right course which meets all their educational needs and that the application is strong and will have a much better chance of getting accepted. When a student gets a subclass 500 visa approved, they will be granted the right to live in Australia for the length of the course of choice and working 40 hours fortnightly during academic time and full time during breaks. For people on student visa’s in Australia, OzTrip Services offers the possibility of a face-to-face job interview conducted by a leading Australian job agency. The details of this interview will be sent to the job agency database in which you will be considered for numerous casual jobs while studying.