The Higher Education System consists of UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES and other institutions that deliver BACHELOR, MASTER AND DOCTORAL DEGREES. This level of education plays a key role in driving productivity, innovation and providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in their field of choice.

Australia has fast become one of the most popular study destinations globally for higher Education.

  • Australia has some of the best ranked universities worldwide

  • HIGH-QUALITY education standards

  • Australian qualifications are highly recognised globally (7 Universities in the top 100 globally)

  • Australia has 43 Universities

  • Practical academic approach and one of the best infrastructures for work placement

Australia has fast become one of the most popular study destinations globally for Higher Education. This is not surprising when you consider Australia’s reputation for innovation, high-quality standards and internationally recognised courses. Australia has some of the most reputed Universities globally and their institutions for higher Education rank among the world’s best by discipline, particularly in engineering, technology, medicine, environmental science, as well as accounting and finance. In fact, Australia has 7 Universities that are ranked in the top 100 worldwide.

Australia has 43 Universities; 40 of which are Australian, 2 are international and 1 is a private speciality University. OzTrip Services will assist you with the best Educational advice to make sure you choose the best institution for your future career and the one that best suits your requirements as an international student.


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