Finding work in Australia

We can assist in you finding a job, we understand that working is an essential part of

learning the language and culture.

OzTrip Services provides FREE advice to anyone who wants to study in Australia.

We also understand that working is an essential part of learning a language. Working in Australia will give you exposure to real situations in which you will be dealing with customers, manager and colleagues which will improve your language skills.

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General Assistance setting up your job profile:

Your agent will explain all that you need to know to get into the workforce from the moment you land in Australia.

They will provide you assistance in setting up your Tax File Number (TFN) and/or setting up your ABN (Australian Business Number). They will also help you set up an Australian Bank account and will provide help in enhancing your resume to maximise your chance of getting a job.

Detailed advice about job opportunities:

Our OzTrip team are in contact with many organisations around Australia.

Our broad network allows us to obtain many job opportunities that may arise regarding Jobs. We will be sending you Newsletters and also advising you on the Websites and job ads that may interest you.

Workshops and courses:

OzTrip regularly run events across the entire year in which we provide information and help upskill students that want to get into the workforce or simply find a casual job to get them by.

At these workshops/events a professional will be speaking and you will be able to ask any question that you may have.


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OzTrip Services is part of a group of companies within the Education and Employment sector.

As part of a well-established Australian based company we are able to provide, not only assistance finding a job, but also providing you with opportunities for casual work. OzTrip is part of the Australian group of companies ASG (Astar Services Group).

ASG provides many different services under the different brands. Students wanting to find work in Australia are welcome to register with our Recruitment Company which is ASTAR Recruitment. Check out their website for more details on available jobs as well as information on how to register.


One of the key points to help you get a job in Australia is having a good resume and being ready for an interview.

A good resume is critical in getting an interview, no matter how much experience you have or how many courses you have done. Therefore, having a neat Resume and knowing what to expect in an interview will make the difference between being and not being successful in a job application.

You can contact one of our agents today or you can go to Our Resources page to find out more, and download our free guides on how to improve your resume and being well-prepared for a job interview.


Our dedicated consultants are ready to provide you a quote and course advice. Get your Visa process started.

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