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Dubai, one of the top cities to visit and study in 2022!


Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for international students, since many world universities have established themselves there, that is, they have built their campuses in this part of the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known and characterized for maintaining high standards when it comes to education. This is guaranteed by the Dubai Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and various accreditation agencies.

Courses available

This city has become an educational benchmark for international students, they can find academic programs such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or diplomas and English courses. Education is focused on the current world and how to solve current needs and problems, developing different cognitive skills of students through practical cases.

Visa to Study in Dubai

The process of applying for a Dubai student visa is quite simple as most of the things are taken care of by the institutions. The institutions have the authority to apply for the visa on behalf of the students and usually, the visa process takes around 20-25 working days.


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International Community


The climate of Dubai, the most populous of the United Arab Emirates, is subtropical desert, with very mild or pleasantly warm winters, and scorching hot summers, in which the combination of temperature and humidity makes the heat really oppressive. In fact, in summer the wind usually blows directly from the sea, bringing moisture from the Persian Gulf.

The average temperature goes from 19.5 °C (67.5 °F) in January, to 36.5 °C (98 °F) in August.

Cost of living

The cost of studying in Dubai is lower compared to other Western countries, which means that international students can easily access the diversity of courses and academic programs in this country. However, the cost of living is high, almost equivalent to some major European countries. But the salaries can allow you to pay the expenses during your study time.


As an international student in Dubai, you can opt for various accommodation options such as staying on campus, renting an apartment, or sharing an apartment which can drastically reduce the cost of rent.

The rent and other expenses vary according to the location, which is why we advise our students to ask our consultants what the best option could be to live or investigate with different people who already reside there and can advise you. Groups on Facebook are very helpful.


Part time job:

Legally allowed on completion of 12 months studying in UAE.


There are different transportation options in Dubai:

  • Dubai Metro: which has a world-class rail system, fully automated and driverless.
  • Traveling by bus: With close to 1,500 buses running through the city and outskirts with air conditioning to keep you cool on the go, this is a great budget option for getting around.
  • Hail a taxi: Dubai taxis are available to hail almost everywhere at any time, day or night.
  • Renting a car: To rent a car you need an international driving license, passport, credit card and third-party insurance.

Things to do

Dubai can offer you a lot of activities and places of entertainment. You find activities such as:

  • Water sports, parachuting, trekking, dune bashing, belly-dancing, eating, shopping, dancing, bargaining at traditional souks, studying, camel riding, exploring, travelling, observing, learning.

The list is endless, which means that in UAE you never get bored and have something to do.

  • Explore All Seven Emirates
  • Burj Khalifa Iconic Dubai Discover a truly unique view from the top.
  • Theme Parks, Heritage, Culture, Arts, Festivals.
  • Etc.

Facts about Dubai

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